10 essential tips to get a christian husband.

Finding a quality Christian husband is not an easy job. Statistics show that for every available 1 christian man there are 7 christian woman. This is a source of much frustration to christian women who are looking for find a christian soulmate.

If you are seeking for a christian husband here are 10 tips to help you in your quest.

Here are ten essential tips you can use to help you get the ideal Christian husband.

  1. When you are ready to settle down and start your life with a partner, as a Christian the first and most important step to take is to pray to the Lord. The bible states in St. Matt. 7 v 7 ‘ask and it shall be given you…’ Therefore when looking for a Christian husband, you should ask the Lord to show you the right person. Many Christian women who have happy marriages can attest to fact that they prayed for a Christian husband and did not just go on a wild goose chase. In some instances, the husband you are looking for could be someone you know, or someone you have been friends with and by praying, the Lord may reveal that he is one.
  2. Be yourself i.e. don’t be a pretender when looking for a husband. Do not paint a distorted picture of yourself but be a natural.
  3. Have self-confidence and self-esteem. Do not be timid and feel that you are not good enough to be a wife. One of my previous jobs gave me the opportunity to interview a number of women. In some instances when an ID was presented to me, I would ask ‘is it Mrs.?. Some would respond by saying ‘I am not good enough to be a wife or no one wants to marry me’. Therefore you must first see yourself as someone worth marrying if you want to get a Christian husband.
  4. Take trips outside your church community and travel to other churches or social functions. You may be surprise to see how many persons you can meet. Broaden your social life and learn to interact more with people.
  5. Be friendly. Do not display a selfish character by just staying to yourself. Talk to people and make yourself friendly and likable. This is also a very important tool in finding a Christian husband.
  6. Be a motivator. Christian men like women who can motivate and believe in them. They also love the admiration of women.
  7. Be loving. You must be a person who is willing to display love and affection towards men.
  8. Be caring. You must be an individual that is caring and selfless. Man is being that likes to be nurtured and cared for.
  9. Dress well. In order to get a Christian husband you must make yourself presentable. You must dress modestly and elegantly. Men are generally attracted to women that dresses well. So use this to your own advantage and boom in confidence.

10.  Take care of your body. Eat healthy , do regular exercises, visit your doctor regularly and take care of your skin. Health is of utmost importance and as the popular saying goes ‘”Whatever is on the inside will eventually be revealed on the outside”.
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