Here are 8 qualities to look for in good Christian husband.

    1. Spirituality. As a Christian husband, the individual must possess the love for God and the willingness to do his will. If you are spiritually stable and have a deep desire to serve God, then naturally you will look for someone with as much, or more, zeal than you. He may not be a church leader, a choir member or an usher but he must have the desire to serve God in spirit and in truth.qualities christian man 6 300x225 Christian husband: 8 qualities of a christian husband
    2. Humility. This is one of the fruit of the spirit which Paul wrote about in his epistles in the New Testament. This is a quality which is not possessed by many Christian men today. Being humble does not necessarily mean that the individual weak or dumb. Being humble simply mean that he does not behave too flamboyant, important or arrogant. This is something you will definitely want in a christian husband
    3. Love. You can never tell that someone is a loving simply by looking at them. Nor should you rely on the person’s word. Many Christian males will speak of love but their actions are totally different. One must first love themselves before they can extend that love to others. This is why dating is very important in getting to know more about the person. How he relates to friends, family, neighbors, church and community members are good indications of the way he will relate to you.

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  1. Kindness. This is another important phenomenon to look for in a Christian husband. Kindness is displayed in words, deeds and attitudes. Be careful about the way he speaks about other people.  Are his words critical or kind; downgrading or uplifting; harsh or soft? Similarly is he a sharing or selfish person. Is he willing to help other especially people in need or does he ignore them? These are some questions you should ask yourself in relation to how kind the person is.
  2. Trustworthy. Being able to trust the individual is very important. Lack of trust can and do break marriages. You don’t not want to share intimate details with your husband and then heart your secrets on the from someone else. That is why you need to get to know the individual well enough to decide if you can trust him.
  3. Family Oriented. This is a key factor that is sometimes overlooked even in the dating stages.  Find out how he feels about children and how his thoughts on how they should be disciplined. Also if you are unable to have a child in the marriage will he be willing to adopt? Therefore it is very important that you know his views  and values on the family.
  4. Ambitious/Hardworking. The individual may be intelligent and knowledgeable but not hardworking or ambitious. A Christian husband should be a bread winner. He must be willing to try anything to help his family survive. Therefore, creativity is key in finding new ways of creating employment to ensure the family will always be taken care of.
  5. Care. He must possess the ability to care not only about his feeling but about your too. Some Christian males grew up in homes where there was no love or care on the side of the father and so they may not see caring for others including a wife as important.

There is a popular saying: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Therefore, do not be carried away with cute features or money, be sure to identify these qualities before you get commit to a Christian husband. This can be the difference between a wonderful Christian home a miserable house where the shadows are never lifted, because you chose the wrong christian husband.


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